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About us

Tenet of Jihua Group Jilin Beihua Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd. to make friends from the world and make world trade.

The company was founded at the end of 2000, the company is capable of producing and marketing alkane-based products, ant it owns strong economic strength. Over the years, we exist firmly in chemical industry. At present, the company owns complete set of modern chemicals production equipments, 6 efficient rectifying towers, several sets of refining units, 18 storage tanks, complete set of public work supporting equipments, relevant modern loading and unloading platforms, with the annual production capacity of 250,000 tons.
Main products: isopentane, cyclopentane, n-pentane, isobutene, butene-1, hexane for industrial use, high-purity n-hexane (content is 70-99%, can be widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical intermediate, food and other industries) and other products, which are sold well home and abroad.

Our polymer grade n-hexane is the first n-hexane for polymerization of ethylene propylene rubber in China. We offer Jinlin Petrochemical Company ethylene propylene rubber equipments, and the localization of import additive can be realized. Moreover, we have developed high-purity n-hexane (95%) for Shijiazhuang Chemical Fiber Company, and the localization of high-purity n-hexane imported additive can be realized in China. The company has cultivated and trained a group of solvents research and production personnel, whose capacity and service level occupy the leading position in China.
The company owns advanced equipments, excellent detecting instruments, strong technical force and perfect management system. The company has passed the GB/T19001-2000-ISO9001:2000 Quality Authentication System, and it has been evaluated as AAA Grade Enterprise. Furthermore, the company has been awarded the Top-100 Integrity Unit in Jilin and the Best Integrity Enterprise in northeast China. At present, the company owns 276 employees, 85 of which are graduates from senior and junior colleges, 76 are engineering technicians.
Jihua Group Jilin Beihua Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is national level high-tech enterprise. Isopentane products was used as induction condensing agent during ethylene production in 2002, and it sold by Jilin Petrochemical Company, Sinopec Guangzhou Branch, ethylene production device of FREP, Sinopec Tianjin Branch and other large-scale petrochemical enterprises as well as Beijing Aoda Petrochemical Company affiliated to Sinopec Corp. Research Institute of Petroleum Processing, and the total sales volume can reach several tens of thousands tons. Isobutane products were firstly launched on the market in 2009, and at present, it is widely used in refrigerator and other industries. Our n-pentane and cyclopentane products have wide markets in Beijing, Tianjin, and even in the world. Polymer grade n-hexane products have been used in ethylene propylene rubber device in Jilin Petroleum Company since 1998, and used in polyethylene, polyisobutene and other devices since 2007. High-purity n-hexane is still used by Sinopec Shijiazhuang Chemical Fiber, Tianjin Akzo Nobel Peroxide Co., Ltd. and other enterprises, and it is highly praised by the customers.
Our head office is situated at the foot of Longtan Mountain in Jilin city of Jilin province. Located in Jilin chemical city of Jilin province, it is easy of access. With Korea, North Korea in the south, Russia, Japan in the north, close to Dalian, Yingkou and other ports, it enjoys favorable geographic location. Adhering to the operation philosophy of integrity top, customer first, the company constantly develops new products and provides the best products and services to friends at home and abroad. We sincerely wish to strengthen communication and cooperation with friends from all walks of life for mutual development and for creating brilliance.

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